Ways to Support Each Other in a Relationship

How’s your partner doing? Do you always ask your husband or wife how his or her day went? Do you treat him or her to dinner when your partner is feeling stressed at work? Are you always there for him or her especially during dark days?

Supporting each other is essential in a relationship. Your partner needs to know that he or she has a pillar of support especially when life gets harder. Here are some ways for you to show your support to each other:

    Listen to each other:

    Pay attention to what your partner is saying. If he talks about his frustrations at work, school, or his family, then acknowledge what he feels. Empathize with him. Tell him you’re in this together; it would mean a lot to your partner. More importantly, listen to what your partner is not saying. She might say she’s doing alright even when she’s not, so know her needs. One thing you can always do as partners is to make each other feel that you’re always willing to listen to each other.

    Support each other’s dreams:

    This is one of the secrets of a lasting relationship. Yes, you may have different dreams. He may aim for wealth, and you may aim for the abstract; that’s fine. You just have to continue supporting each other. If you do, both of you will feel how much you believe in each other’s ability to realize those dreams. Also, you can take a glimpse of how you are as a future partner.

    Celebrate/weep together:

    Did he just get the position that she has been aiming for? Or, did she just get the highest possible rank in the company she works for? Celebrate your success together. No matter how small or big it is, make time to appreciate each other’s efforts in your personal and professional lives. Now, if things are not going well, you don’t have to suffer alone. Share the pain with your partner. Weep together. Drink together. Face life’s ups and downs together.

    Feed each other:

    Share a meal by feeding each other every bite. Slowly. Grapes and other juicy fruits are especially tasty when consumed in this way. We know couples that have done this in restaurants, often to the surprise, and sometimes envy, of other diners.

    Exchange massages:

    Massaging is another great way to keep the romance alive. You don’t need a massage table or fancy scented oils—and you don’t have to be a professionally trained masseuse or masseur to bring a loving touch.

    Speak the language of love to each other:

    Sincerity, appreciation, tenderness, with lots of detail, will take you a long way here. Connect to your feelings of love for your partner and let your heart do the talking, and do it often!

    Offer help:

    Does your partner feel overwhelmed with his or her responsibilities at work? Why don’t you offer some help? Be proactive. Ask what you can do for your partner. This doesn’t mean that you will do all the work for your husband or wife; the thought alone that you badly want to help him or she would make your partner appreciate your effort.

    Stay up late if needed:

    Does your partner have some task to finish and need to stay late in the office to do it? Cheer him or her up! Stay up late, and wait until he or she gets home safely. Pick him or her up if possible. A little bit of sacrifice won’t be too much of a burden if you love a person.

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