Ways To Befriend With Your Mother-In-Law

Each and every person in this world is different from one another – starting from looks, voice, characteristics to behavior, interests, and many other things. It is tough to find two people go hand-in-hand by keeping their priorities intact.

It is impossible without making a compromise or sacrifice. This is the situation between parents and children who stay together for almost two decades. The scenario only gets worse with time.

If this is the case for people who know each other pretty well, then can you imagine the situation when you are about to meet new people whom you have never known! A small spark is enough to pick up a fight. This is literally the case when a new couple starts living together.
Do problems occur only with the partner? Of course, not. People who are more active in creating trouble in paradise are the relatives and the so-called “mother-in-law”, who are the ones who might lead this. This happens due to a lack of understanding. This can be overcome however with a few tricks to bring your mother-in-law over to your side.


    This is mandatory in any relationship. Mere respect, even in the absence of affection, can make a bitter relationship feel and look much better. Your mother-in-law has a personality of her own. You might hardly find anything in common between you and her; however, her values, decisions, etc., must be given respect. Beyond all this, trust her.

    Get To Know Her:

    Take the initiative to start a friendly chat with her. By doing this, you get a golden chance to know your mother-in-law better. Get her to open up about her childhood, college days, and maybe even the way she went along with her partner’s mother. Who knows, you might get some useful tips on what she expects out of you.

    Don‘t Criticize:

    Sometimes, it might seem like your mother-in-law is taking over the house with her authority over everything. It might even go to the extent of making others in the house corner you. At such times, do not burst out and criticize, instead be polite and let her know that you have your own way of doing things.

    Take Her Advice:

    It is fine to seek help from her. It can be regarding anything in your life – as simple as a recipe or as complicated as your troubled relationship with your partner. However, for sensitive things that relate her child, things must be conveyed in a very practical manner and not by projecting her beloved as the culprit, which might turn things worse.

    Try Calling Her ‘Mom’:

    This is not easy to do as it sounds because you already have a mom and no one else might match up to her. Your mom is not going to be replaced just by treating your mother-in-law like one. Try doing it and you will definitely get the shock of your life with all the love and affection that will come your way from her.

    Hang Out Together:

    How about taking your MIL along for shopping? If both of you are movie freaks, why not go for one together? The bonding only gets better by opting to be together just to unwind. You can also take it one step ahead by going on a vacation, leaving behind the household chores for a day or two.

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