Tips To Meet People Safely Online

With internet trends buzzing all over the world, even young men and women have opted for the internet to search their life partner. Many online matrimonial websites have opened their doors to welcome them. A lot is being said about online matrimony websites being unsafe, but the fact is that even the real world is not entirely free from fake people. With everybody logging on to the online matrimonial sites and registering a profile to find their partner, certain security tips would definitely ensure that your experience here is safe and secure.

    User security filters:

    With the security filters provided by the online sites, take control of displaying your private information. Only the basic information like your education, family information, and few other details are displayed online.

    Block the unwanted:

    Though you might have filtered your basic information and keep your profile simple, there might be some people who would approach you with some other intentions. Though the matrimonial sites verify these profiles and then update them, it is your responsibility to be aware of unknown profiles who introduce in a weird manner.

    Give your parents number:

    While it is quite common for every one of us to provide our basic information and give our own contact number, always remember that it is not advisable to give your own mobile number. A wedding is something which needs to be accepted by our parents. Provide your parents’ contact number. This would ensure security in many ways.

    Involve the family:

    Always make sure that your login credentials are shared with your parents as well. Even they would keep an eye on your profile to avoid any changes in your profile once in a while.

    Don’t be the first person to contact:

    If you are interested in any profile, do not be the first person to approach them. Instead, approach your parents and provide them the details. They would have the expertise to check how genuine the profile is based upon their past experience.

    Keep an eye on the profiles:

    There would be some profiles you are interested in. In case if you approach them ensure that you get all your answers right for the first time. Some people would refuse to give any sort of information and would disappear and might come again after some time and provide some information. Be careful with these kinds of profiles.

    Never trust instantly:

    Though all the matrimonial sites verify the users there are still ways people may find ways to fool the system. So stay alert and never provide your complete information in the first few instances.

    Do not meet them alone:

    Even after you find the person is genuine online and plan to meet them outside, make sure you are not going to meet them alone. Always have any of your family members guard you.

    Always meet in public place:

    Always choose to meet the prospective match in a public place as you don’t know what kind of person he or she might be. Also, keep your family and friends informed about the meeting.

    Never share your sensitive personal photographs:

    Do not share your sensitive personal pictures while chatting with anybody you have met through the matrimonial website. These pictures can be used by the potential fraudster to blackmail you and defraud. These images may be leaked on the internet as well.

    Never entertain any request for money:

    Do not transfer funds or offer financial help to the prospective match. The moment someone asks you for money citing some reason or the other, you should become cautious and avoid any further communication with him/her without background checks.

    Be cautious while dealing with NRI profiles:

    Always be careful while dealing with ‘NRI’ profiles on matrimonial websites. Commit to marriage only after face-to-face meetings, especially the prospective match’s parents/ relatives, and validating any documents related to their address and employment abroad.

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