Tips to Maintain Commitment in Your Relationship

Commitment is the part of the relationship that provides safety and security, so couples can express their thoughts, feelings, and desires openly. With the rise in numbers of couples who live together rather than marry, compounded with the prevalence of divorce, it may seem as though people don’t care about commitment anymore. Yet people acknowledge that lack of commitment is a problem. Recent research found that approximately 85% of divorced couples indicated a lack of commitment to the marriage and each other as their reason for divorce.

    Don’t force the confrontation:

    When he’s ready to talk, he will. If you force it you’re asking for a blow-up. Of course, you have needs and your need to talk is important. However, no relationship is repaired by screaming, yelling, and pointing fingers at each other. “Can we talk now?” is fair enough. If the answer is, “About what?” then you know that he’s still not willing or ready to talk.

    Create a commitment statement:

    A commitment statement outlines the purpose and goals for their marriage. It may also include rules and boundaries that strengthen the marriage and make the couple feel secure.

    Keep the romance alive:

    This is a critical point. Romance is part of the animal of your relationship and it requires three square meals a day, and snacks. You must feed this aspect of your relationship. Love notes are great, whatever you choose to do, keep it romantic.


    Laughter is the best medicine for the soul. In a heated spat, step back and take a good look; isn’t this something that you two should be laughing about?

    Talk about how you met and the many reasons you fell in love:

    Reflecting on reasons for committing to one another in the first place can renew a desire to capture and preserve the relationship.

    Value doing small acts of kindness:

    While it may be easy to take advantage of what your partner gives for the benefit of the relationship, everyone desires to feel acknowledged. Doing a chore, bringing home a special gift, or sending a loving note are all simple but effective ways of showing love to your partner and the commitment marriage.

    Share spiritual activities together:

    To help promote individual and relationship connection. Outlets like this can help a couple grow closer and strengthen each partner’s commitment.

    Spend both quality and quantity time together:

    Making time for each other, just to check in or to have a date can strengthen the bond and reinforce partners’ dedication to the marriage.

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