Tips for a Healthy Long Distance Marriage

Many people would say they wouldn’t opt for long-distance marriage. That is before they fall for someone, and they feel they don’t have a choice. Long-distance marriage might not be ideal or easy, especially if we talk about long-distance marriage with children. However, it can be more than worth the trouble when you are with the right person.

To aid you on this journey, we have selected the top advice for long-distance relationships you can use in the effort of making long-distance marriage work.

    Focus on communication quality:

    Interestingly, some studies show that long-distance couples may be more content with their communication than couples living together, most likely because they know its importance. Long-distance marriage problems usually have roots in communication, the same as with any other relationship. Hence, one of the keys to long-distance relationships is to be aware of the quality, troubling differences to in-person communication, and overcome them.

    Sync your schedules as much as possible:

    Variations in work, and sleep schedules and time zone differences can burden the long-distance marriage quite a bit.

    To stay emotionally connected in a long-distance relationship, prioritize your schedules, so you are at your best when you talk to each other. Start by asking yourself when I can devote private, unrushed time to the conversation?

    Share “boring” daily details:

    Sometimes what we miss the most is a regular everyday routine where we share small, seemingly unimportant details. How to survive to live apart from your spouse?

    Include each other in the daily routine, send them a text or a photo through the day, and keep each other updated.

    Avoid excessive communication:

    Sharing details daily is great, as long as it is not excessive. If you want to know how to make a long-distance marriage work, focus on communicating regularly without overwhelming each other.

    Send pieces of your day, without oversharing. Keep some of the mystery alive.

    Be their partner, not a detective:

    There is a difference between check-in and checking up on someone. Take this piece of long-distance marriage advice and make sure you are not investigating your spouse. They will figure it out, and they won’t like it.

    Look forward to time together:

    We don’t have to tell you this, as it comes so naturally. However, in a long-distance marriage, it is important to talk about the upcoming visit as it builds intimacy and excitement.

    Plan something fun together so you can laugh and enjoy the days that always seem too short.

    Don’t go more than 3 months apart:

    There is no math behind this number, only experience. However, your number of months can be significantly different.

    If your situation allows, agree on a particular number of months, you shouldn’t go without seeing each other and stick to it.

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