Things you need to know for a long and happy marriage

When we want to define success in a marriage; it goes beyond just finding the right partner in marriage. Yes, getting the right partner is a huge leap in the right direction; but it is not enough in itself to guarantee lasting success in marriage. You have your part to play as well; what guarantees lasting success is in your being the right mate.
Discipline mixed with faithfulness is required to make things work in marriage. Many marriage vows have been broken today. But when the flame of love was still very hot; none of the parties ever dreamt of putting an end to the vows of marriage. We shall touch on some of the ingredients that you will need to ensure a successful marriage.

    1) Commitment:

    This is born out of true love. It is the foundation upon which every marriage should be laid. The love which leads to the commitment that we are referring to here is deeper than the ones we see in Bollywood. It is for real. The commitment to each other should be there through thick and thin. It is a passing that should drive the everyday existence of every couple. If this type of commitment can be activated in a union; there will be little cause for worry in the marriage matrimony.

    2) Faithfulness:

    We shall be generalizing faithfulness in its very broad spectrum. You need to be faithful to each other in everything that you do. Life must not be lived in isolation from each other. This has been the chief destroyer of many homes today. There are many partners out there who are merely tolerating each other because of the wound inflicted through sexual infidelity.
    When you are married; you should train your eyes and mind not to look lustfully at other women/men; you have to train the emotions of your mind not to lust after the opposite sex outside your marriage. If couples can imbibe this type of training; they will not have issues of broken marriages that are so very common around us today.

    3) Humility:

    You have to be humble if you want your marriage to last. No man or woman is a perfect creature here on earth. Mistakes will happen; errors will be committed; it will take humility to eat the humble pie. When you are at fault; admit it and apologize if you want the relationship to grow. One occasion; you may even be right; if your partner will have nothing of that; then admit guilt-even when you are right! That way, there will be no break in the union. When your partner settles down, you can discuss the issue again; this time under an atmosphere of peace; issues can be resolved under such a favorable atmosphere.

    3) Patience:

    The union is the combination of two different individuals coming together to live their lives together as one indivisible entity. One may be fast while the other is slow. One may be careless while the other may the perfectionist. This is the coming together of two individual characters and patience is the key that is needed to flow together for a happy union.

    4) Spend Time Together:

    No relationship will last without an understanding of individual differences. How do you get to know each other if you do not spend quality time together? Invest in spending time with each other and you will get a better understanding of individual preferences.

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