The Real Meaning of Seven Vows of Hindu Weddings in India!!

In India, the wedding is not only a two soul relationship but it is the wedding between two families. This holy thread connects two people and their families too. These days, there are many matrimonial sites to search the bride and groom for your child, sibling or friend.

The concept of a wedding is the same all over the world but the culture, rituals, and traditions differ from place to place and what I believe that the Hindu wedding follows extensive rituals and traditions to celebrate the wedding.

Among the customs and rituals, the important ones are Jaimala, Sindoor Daan, wearing of Mangalsutra, and the Seven vows taken by the bride and groom while taking Saat Pheras around the sacred fire. The couple seeks the blessings of God and fire to be together for the next seven births by taking the Saat Phere.

The hymn of Seven vows is chanted by the Priests of the family and the bride and the groom repeats them during their turns. But do they know the terms of the Seven Vows that they promise to abide by? I believe very few of them understand the vows fully and follow the promises in life. Majority of couples chant after Priest without knowing the real meaning of the vows.

They are holy vows and if it is followed religiously by both the partners, they can lead a happy life with no grudges because it shows them the principles to lead a happy and caring life taking care of each other’s responsibility as their own. The united soul can bring a great difference in the life of each other while treading on the path of life as great companions.

The 7 sacred vows are the Vedic scriptures and it has been separated as holy vows to bring husband and wife on the same platform of understanding and love.

  • The First Vow:
    The Groom promises to the bride that he will be responsible for providing the nourishment, prosperity, and happiness to the wife and the kids.

    The Bride promises to the groom that she will take care of the family and household and will share his responsibility as her own.

  • The Second Vow:
    The Groom promises to the bride that he will remain true, loyal, and faithful to his wife and will stand by her during the ups and downs of life. He will be with her providing mental, physical and economic assurance and security to her and family.

    The Bride promises to the groom that she will gladly share the responsibility by supporting him in all possible ways and be ready to handle all with courage and strength.

  • The Third Vow:
    The Groom promises to the bride that he will work hard placing all his endeavors to bring wealth and prosperity in the home and providing education to their kids.

    The Bride promises to the groom that she will act responsibly in managing the resources and devote her love especially to her husband and all other men would be secondary in her life. She will be true and loyal during life, managing integrity.

  • The Fourth Vow:
    The Groom thanks to the bride that through this holy occasion of the wedding, she has made his life wonderful and complete and he promises to value both sets of families. He will appreciate her wishes and will include her in all his major judgments.
    The Bride promises to groom that she will stand by his side in all rituals, family, and spiritual duties and will walk by his side giving her consent for his decisions. She will respect and appreciate his judgments and include his opinion in all her judgments. In case any danger intercepts his way, she will stand before him to protect him and will be ready to sacrifice her life for him.
  • The Fifth Vow:
    The couple promises to be with each other sharing their happiness and sadness with great understanding and care. They together pray to God to bless them with healthy children and they both will aim to nourish their kids with enhancing values and a generous lifestyle.
  • The Sixth Vow:
    The couple promises to love and respect each other and stand together in times of happiness and sadness. They together pray to solicit the blessings of God to offer them a healthy and long life filled with happiness, peace, and prosperity so that they can carry their commitments and responsibilities towards each other.
  • The Seventh Vow:
    The couple promises together that through this ceremony of Holy Seven Vows, they have become husband and wife uniting their soul. They are coupled with a divine string of togetherness and will love each other and be there for each other till eternity. They as a couple will lead together as great companions, sharing each and everything of life, honoring and loving each other unconditionally. They promise to live by all the holy seven vows with pure and respectable intentions that they have promised during the ceremony of the wedding.

Ah, the isolated vows were compiled eternities before but it has an essence of modern values. They stand for fairness among the couple and together, they develop a pure bonding of love, understanding, and care to enter into the relationship.

All the would-be husbands and wives need to read these holy seven vows and realize their true purpose that lies in the promises and try to utilize in their life when they join as a couple to induce respect, love, and peace in their life.

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