The New Wedding Checklist

Gone are the days when a wedding checklist was only limited to venue bookings, catering, decor, return favors, photography, and the usual long list of things. Hosting a wedding gathering in a COVID world means much more than checking in on the common elements. With health and safety into the picture, you can no longer lax around and be underprepared to ring in your day without standard precautions and guidelines. While there is new information coming every day on the dos and don’ts, here are some vital things you just cannot afford to miss!

Take a look at these five important elements you need to ensure as part of your wedding gathering. And remember, responsibility comes first!


    It can be safe to say that e-invites are no longer an alien concept even in an Indian marriage milieu, at least not in a pandemic world. So the first thing to do is to send the word out. And opting for e-invites this wedding season is going to make life a lot easier for you. With millions of readily available templates online, it’s time for you to upgrade your self (the crisis situation demands it too) and get things moving with lit e-invites

    Thermal Screening:

    It would take someone living under a rock to assume thermal screenings are still reserved for labs and clinics. No wedding gathering in a pandemic world can neglect this aspect and risk the safety of its guests. It is also recommended that those having flu-like symptoms should entirely stay away from gatherings of any kind.

    Pre-packed Meals:

    The feasibility and sensibility of the moment lie in hosting or encouraging any sort of set up that enables people to gather. Hence, for your own nuptial function, do away with buffet systems and counters, and choose pre-packed meals for your guests to collect individually and relish. This is social distancing and hygiene did right.

    Safety Coordinator:

    You must have heard of wedding planners and vendors but safety coordinators?! Well, that is a repercussion of a virus-ridden world. Safety coordinators are professionally equipped to ensure safety, well-being, and establish standard protocols and government guidelines. Hiring a safety coordinator will add a lot of credibility to your important day and ensure the guests that they are in a safe surrounding.

    Cuddle Curtains:

    Social events and gatherings are all about meeting and catching up with people. And certainly extending a warm hug to your favorite cousin or pecking your closest aunt. But in the wake of the novel virus, this aspect had to be pushed out. However, wedding planners and companies have devised a cool method of feeling close to your loved ones without really getting close to them! With cuddle curtains, you can now share sanitized hugs with your loved ones.

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