Steps to Becoming a Supportive Partner

Here are some ways that form a solid foundation upon which you can build a world-class relationship.
Start applying these strategies in your relationship today and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a truly supportive partner:

    Listen with intensity:

    When you listen, it shows you’re interested in what’s on your partner’s mind. What do they yearn for? What do they love to do? If you listen, you’ll know. Look them in the face when they speak to you. That’s rule number one.

    Think of your partner first as much as possible:

    When you consider your partner’s wants and needs, your partner will feel the love. You’ll never go wrong putting the needs and wants of someone you love before your own needs. After all, that’s the very definition of love. A wise teacher once said, “greater love has no man than he who lays down his own life for another.” I truly believe he wasn’t just talking about the end of someone’s life, but also, the end of someone’s selfishness for another.

    Laugh together each day:

    something is comforting and fun about laughing easily and often. Read them a joke you saw on Facebook. Tell them about something funny you read in the newspaper. Use a bit of self-deprecating humor. Find the humor in seemingly non-humorous happenings.
    Additionally, laughing with others provides a deep emotional connection with them that breaks down barriers. It’s quite difficult to laugh with someone and still be angry at them.

    Pay attention:

    After living with someone for several years, it’s easy to fall into patterns of doing your own thing and being more focused on your own desires.

    Observing your partner enhances your awareness of where they are both physically and emotionally.

    To avoid the “familiarity breeds contempt” syndrome, make it a point to learn something new about your partner every week. Turn it into a game. Saturday or Sunday morning, when you’re laying in bed, discuss what it is that you’ve learned about the other. You’ll be amazed what you’ll find out about your partner, and about yourself.

    Offer help frequently:

    If your wife seems frazzled about preparing for overnight visitors arriving next week, offer to help her prepare. Inquire about what she wants to have done and do some of the tasks for her.

    If your husband wants to take his buddy to lunch next week and show off the new car but doesn’t have the time to take it to the car wash, get it washed for him. Loving partners assist each other frequently. Be on the lookout for things you can do to help them.

    Declare that you’re a team:

    There will be opportunities for you to tell your spouse that you’re there for them. You can say something like, “We’re a team. You can count on me.”

    Statements like these demonstrate your ongoing support.

    Statements like these in front of other people plant your stake in the ground. You’ve declared your borders and boundaries, and pretty much threatened anyone to invade at their own risk.

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