Smart Ideas to Make your Online Wedding Exciting

Agreed that actual weddings are a lot of fun, that too the unmatched frolic flavors of an Indian wedding, but virtual weddings are not too far behind when it comes to merrymaking! When crises push us into unexpected territories, it is best to take responsibility and show spirit. Hence, if the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled you to tread the virtual path, you might as well do it style! To notch things up for your virtual nuptials, we’ve come up with some ways you can make it a memorable and exciting experience for all. So sit back, cheer up and read on to know the endless possibilities of a kickass online wedding:

    Set a slot, theme and let your loved ones dress up and join!

    Though corona weddings are challenging, they can be a lot of fun too! All you’ve got to do is pass on your energy to all your near and dear ones. For this, you’ll need to set a date, a suitable time (mutually decide or go with what works best for your majority of folks) we also suggest pick a fun and easy to pull-off theme and just let your virtual family dress up from their respective corners of the world and be there to cheer you on your biggest day!

    Surprise your folks with pre-ordered food and get it delivered to them!

    There can be no real feast without food! Hence, even though this is a virtual wedding, you can add your touch by simply ordering up from your favorite eateries and getting them delivered to your loved ones. You could also opt for a ‘food box’ or ‘food packet’ that is uniform and unique and get it delivered too. We bet, nothing’s going to make your squad happier than relishing your wedding food!

    Just like food, return gifts can be handpicked and delivered too!

    You can also go the extra mile by surprising your friends and relatives by getting your wedding favor delivered to them. This need not be very exquisite or exorbitant. After all, the gesture matters more than anything. You could opt for something personalized, heartfelt or thoughtful.

    Let those speeches, songs and slides add spark to your day!

    Meaningful marriages are about meaningful moments, virtual or non-virtual! Write a heartfelt speech, sing a song, or make room to accommodate these from your loved ones. After all, your d-day can be just as overwhelming for your folks as it is for you. So let them go on and pour their heart out! Likewise, if your now partner gets all emo, reciprocate the vibe and don’t get freaked out. We bet, when you look back and reminisce your virtual wedding, this will surely be a party that will stand out

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