Signs of a Healthy Relationship Between Couples

As we grow, we all witness many different versions of what relationships look like. These examples come from our parents and older family members, from friends, teachers, the media, books, and stories. Then, as we grow older, we begin to form our own relationships and watch as our friends do the same.

If you have ever found yourself wondering about the health of your own relationship or are not quite sure what areas you and your partner need to work on, you’ve come to the right place.

To help couples better understand the signs of a healthy relationship, it is important to know the traits of a healthy relationship that define a positive relationship, and suggest that there is complete honesty in relationships between a couple.

    There’s a lot of communication:

    One of the signs of a healthy relationship is open communication. It is key to strong relationships. Both partners must have strong communication skills, or at least be open to learning them, for a relationship to be successful. This allows both partners to express their thoughts and feelings, to listen openly when the other is talking, and to be able to ask for clarification on things, they aren’t understanding.

    You trust each other:

    One of the signs of a healthy relationship between couples is the ability to have a place where both partners feel safe. This can only happen when trust is present and both of you feel supported, can talk freely and openly, and don’t question the other’s intentions or behaviors.

    You’re honest with each other:

    Relationships are full of ups and downs, but the ability and willingness of both partners to be completely open and honest with one another, no matter what is vital if a relationship is going to last.

    You support each other:

    A good indicator that a couple will succeed or one of the signs of a healthy relationship is when both the partners lean on each other and support each other during both the easy and the difficult times.

    You’re friendly and affectionate to each other:

    In long-term relationships, one of the signs of a healthy relationship is keeping the affection alive.

    Showing each other with genuine care and attention and doing small acts of kindness for one another “just because” are both signs that your relationship is working.

    You like each other

    This may seem obvious or even silly, but you’d be surprised how many couples don’t actually like each other or want to spend time together.

    You should genuinely enjoy one another’s the company and want to spend time together often.

    There’s mutual respect:

    It’s been said that two people don’t “find the one”, they find someone they respect and they “make that person the one”.

    When a relationship is built on mutual respect, both partners feel encouraged and supported to form opinions, have ideas, and take action, even when they don’t necessarily agree with one another. To facilitate a healthy relationship, respect your partner.

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