Reasons to Get a Background Check Before Marriage

Getting a background check on a possible partner before going out on a first date is a common-sense practice that most people are familiar with. But not many think of a background check before marriage as part of a standard marriage process.

Hopefully, before someone has broached the topic of marriage, they have already established enough of a foundation of trust that they would have disclosed everything their partner needed to know ahead of time.

However, the reality of the world we live in is that there are deceptive people out there, some of whom are predatory in their relationships. Just as getting a blood test and signing a prenuptial agreement is a common marriage prerequisite, background checks before marriage aren’t unheard of.

    To Confirm the Identity of Your Partner:

    You need to make sure that your partner is who she or he really claims to be. With public records being placed in online databases, a person can easily discard his old identity and assume somebody else’s life. Hiring a private investigator to confirm your partner’s identity will help put your mind at ease. Identity checks can also provide you with evidence that assures you of your partner’s honesty, even before your marriage begins. If your partner lied about the most basic information, including his real name, age, and birthplace, he could be lying about other things in your relationship.

    To Get Acquainted with Your Partner’s Family:

    When you tie the knot, you also make the decision of marrying into your spouse’s family. It is only wise to do background checks on your partner’s family members, especially if he or she seems hesitant in introducing you to them. You should be aware of any problems within the family because these conflicts could have a big impact on your future married life. It is best that you are made aware of any potential difficulties before getting married so that you and your partner can make informed decisions on how best to deal with them in the future.

    To Ensure That Your Partner Is Legally Single:

    Confirming your partner’s identity will also help in checking his or her real marital status. You need to know if your partner was previously married and the reason why he or she kept this a secret from you. The results from this investigation lets you confront your future spouse and ask them how the previous marriage ended and whether they have children or money-related commitments.

    Marital checks also allow you to make sure that the person you’re about to spend the rest of your life with can legally marry you because they’re single. This kind of background check will save you from further embarrassment or possible legal consequences resulting from tying the knot with an already married person.

    To Uncover Possible Skeletons in the Closet:

    Everybody comes with baggage from the past. Having a premarital background check allows you to look into your partner’s past life and the possible complications that come with it. This type of investigation can reveal bad employment history, felony background, financial problems, a scandal, a history of substance abuse, and more. These instances can be considered deal-breakers and should be addressed by couples before getting married.

    Making the decision to enter a life-long commitment such as marriage is a goal many dream of. Unfortunately, there are some people who make a living out of conning others, and marriage serves as the perfect method for that. Premarital background checks lessen the chances of you being a victim of fraud, scams, or a costly divorce.

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