Marriage will change your life and you need to be prepared for these

Perhaps, marriage brings about the biggest transition in a person’s life and no matter how prepared he might be, it will always take him by surprise. When you start living with your spouse, changes are inevitable. Some will bring you joy, while others might challenge your patience and sanity. How you adapt to the challenges marriage throws at you and adjust to the changes, will dictate the course of this lifelong relationship. So, here are a few changes and challenges the holy bond of matrimony would bring in your life.

    There will be plenty of vulnerable moments:

    When you start your conjugal life with a spouse, he or she would gradually discover your strengths as well as weakness. You will share your deepest secrets and tell him things, which you might not have told anyone before. But when we share such intimate details with a person, we are bound to feel vulnerable. There will be moments when you would wonder if you did the right thing by baring it all, but that is what marriage is. Everyone and every situation will demand that you trust your spouse with your heart and soul. It will not be easy initially, but things will fall into place with time.

    Relationship with your in-laws may not be what you expected:

    We have more than enough Hindi movies highlighting the strained relationship between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law. It’s only natural for people to develop a perception of the spouse’s family much before they are even married. However, a person would only get to know how that relationship would change his or her life only after getting married. It might be for the good or in the predicted lines of what we have seen in movies, but one thing is for sure—it will make a deep impact on your life.

    Yes, you will crave for some ‘me time’:

    Companionship is a great thing. After marriage, the initial days will be nothing but filled with sheer joy. You would discover new things that might have remained unobserved till now. You would be spending a lot of time together—be it visiting friends and family after the wedding or shopping for household items. The world you kept to yourself, your bed, your room—everything will now have two people in it. And there will come a time when you would wish that you could spend some time alone, just like the way you did before you were married. And such thoughts would be immediately followed by a feeling of guilt. Trust us, this is not easy.

    ​Responsibilities would only increase:

    Under normal circumstances, responsibilities, when shared between two people, would decrease. But not in marriage. With every passing year, you will end up with more responsibilities. And by responsibilities, we do not merely mean materialistic goals. When you are married to a person, you also have to take the responsibility of looking after his or her wellbeing. And your spouse will also have to do the same. The weight of responsibility can sometimes be overwhelming but when you do a good job, the rewards would also be manifold.

    Money will matter the most:

    It’s easy to say that love is all you need to keep you happy. But love alone cannot provide the food on your plate or the roof over your head. Only money can. You will need to take a bigger house, perhaps buy a car and when you have a family, you will need money to pay for your children’s school fees. Marriage can teach even the most carefree person about the importance of money in his life.

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