Important Tips for Starting a New Relationship

Ok, before we dive in and start talking about starting a new relationship, let’s make sure you’ve got these two, very important, things down:

    You love yourself:

    No one will be able to love you more than you can. And if you don’t love and respect yourself, it’s difficult to create healthy boundaries and attract people who are going to treat you well. If you don’t believe you’re worthy or lovable at your core, it doesn’t matter how amazing your partner is, you’ll still have those feelings of not being enough.

    You’re starting a relationship for the right reasons:

    Don’t do it if you’re lonely, still hurting from past experiences, or worrying you’re running out of time. You’ve got to take the time to sit with those feelings, feel your way through them, and emerge on the other side; before you can be in a truly loving, committed, healthy relationship.

    Always be yourself :

    We all want to make a good impression at the start, and it’s important to because there’s a lot of competition out there, right?

    This is why it can be tempting to embellish certain things about who you are, what your life looks like, and pretend to like certain things that you actually can’t stand; but this is always going to backfire in the long run.


    Most of us love talking about ourselves, and dating gives us the perfect opportunity to do just that. But if you spend too much time talking, not only will you come across as self-obsessed but you’ll also fail to listen and learn anything about the person in front of you. Listening is one of the best things you can do when starting a new relationship.

    Make your intentions clear:

    If you’re looking for a serious relationship, please be honest and upfront about that early on, and invite the person you’re dating to do the same. The sooner you do this, the better, so neither of you wastes time on something that isn’t going to work out in the long run.

    Don’t be afraid of scaring people off by being straight like this. The only people you’ll scare are those who are scared of commitment, and it’s better to find that out early on and avoid getting hurt later down the line.

    Respect yourself:

    Continue to make yourself a priority, and make time for self-care, and solo time. This shows that you love and respect yourself enough to take care of yourself.

    When you treat yourself well, you give your partner a golden example of how you expect them to treat you. And if they don’t, you’ll be strong and sure enough to walk away.

    Take things slow:

    If you’ve found someone you have a genuine connection with, you’re physically attracted to, and can see a real future with; don’t take things too fast.

    Telling all your friends, changing your online relationship status, and talking non-stop about your new person to your colleagues is only going to sting if things don’t work out as you planned.

    You need to have had at least six dates before you can see a future with someone, and declare that they’re the one.

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