How to Solve Communication Problems

One of the most important yet unspoken things that everybody in a relationship expects from their partners is for the communication lines to be open. They want their partners to be honest and truthful, with nothing – not even a tiny unimportant detail left behind. But while we commit to doing the same, we also tend to violate this cardinal rule unknowingly. Here are some baby steps that you can start with:

    Agree on a set of house rules:

    When starting as a couple, you and your partner may want to sit down and discuss what you are expecting from each other, and how you want to channel your opinions in case you stumble upon difficult issues. This may sound too technical at first, as this is not commonly practiced, but it helps a lot.

    When talking about expectations, do so in the form of “aspirations.:

    Telling your partner about your expectations from him or she can be very intimidating, and they may end up feeling that they’re obliged to do something for you. While it is normal for both parties to feel a sense of “obligation,” maybe you can convey your expectations in a rather sugarcoated manner.

    You may open up the discussion about what you are expecting from each other in the form of sharing your aspirations. It is because your partner wants to feel involved as much as you do, and sharing these aspirations allows them to be more motivated in contributing to the relationship – including communicating properly.

    Don’t take non-personal communication channels for granted:

    Many of us think that since we talk on the phone or chat on Facebook with our partners so often, our communication lines are doing great. Nope, that’s not always the case. There are even instances when it is these very same channels that bring turmoil to the relationship.
    Communicating via technological devices may be very convenient, but at the same time, they are limiting in terms of the quality of your conversation. So yes, if you want to discuss serious matters that require a solid communication line, do it in person, face to face.

    Apply maximum tolerance:

    Maximum tolerance is when you allow your partner to do the things he or she likes to do as an individual. This can be hard as it may entail going out with friends, focusing on work, and doing other activities that do not concern you. However, relationships are a test of patience and trust. So if you trust your partner (and vice versa), tolerance can be achieved.

    Always be sensitive of each other’s feelings:

    Breakups often happen because the people involved in the relationship are no longer sensitive to each other’s feelings. They prioritize their welfare and tend to solve problems on their own instead of doing it as a team. They also begin to keep secrets from each other, just to keep everything as nice and dainty as they seem.

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