How To Really Resolve Trust Issues In A Relationship

Whether it’s due to the ease of online dating or a breakdown in trust, sometimes we find ourselves being suspicious of our partners, even when we’re in love! With so many stimuli ready to divert our attention, how can you build trust with your partner? If you want to resolve trust issues in a relationship, take a look at our practical advice below…

5 Useful Ways to Resolve Trust Issues in a Relationship

    Take a step back and reflect :

    For starters, let’s take a look at where the trust issues may have come from. Has your partner broken your trust? Or could this be related to an ex in your past who didn’t behave themselves? Sometimes we can all jump to conclusions, but this is an important thing for you to consider yourself first, even before you speak with your partner.

    Separating your interpretation of your partner’s behavior from their actual behavior itself is key. Otherwise, you may be projecting unresolved feelings onto your partner, instead of focusing on getting your relationship to the best place it can be! So take some time to yourself, a little reflection goes a long way.

    Fall in love with you again :

    Let’s say you realize that these feelings have more to do with you than your partner, that’s ok! Try not to be too hard on yourself, what matters now is that you focus on you! Spend time getting back to empowering the parts of you that make you shine.

    Trust issues in a relationship often occur when individuals are codependent. For a healthier relationship, focus on being an independent person while still loving and enjoying your partnership. Use your energy to do the things you enjoy. We’re talking about passions, activities with friends, and self-care to name a few. Now, that sounds like fun homework, right?

    Always be open:

    In a way, trust issues in a relationship are like any other issue, resolving them takes good old-fashioned communication. Whether the concern has to do with time management, children, or something in between, communication is the jumping-off point for couples to start working through their problems. So get started!

    Having an honest check-in with your partner is a healthy thing to do. Trust us. It shows them you care about their feelings and gives you the chance to get anything off your chest. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

    Trust in your partnership :

    Aside from effective communication, there is one strategy that both partners should exercise to resolve trust issues in a relationship. Quite simply, it’s practicing trust. It may feel tricky at first, but with practice, you two should be able to build trust rather than break it!

    This is key to getting your relationship back on track and is something that happens naturally as you resolve trust issues in a relationship, so don’t worry! Just take one day at a time and be patient! Trust-building can be a slow but worthwhile process.

    Keep calm and communicate :

    If you’re still feeling suspicious of your partner, discuss your concerns with them. Bringing this up can feel nerve-wracking, but if they’re being unfaithful you have a right to know.

    Maybe even practice what you’d like to say to your significant other beforehand to make you feel more confident, then calmly and firmly address the root of your suspicions. Tell them how you’ve been feeling and explain that for your relationship to continue, you require an explanation and honesty.

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