How to plan perfect date

Whether you’re trying to plan your first date with someone or you want to spend some quality time with your long-term partner, planning the perfect date can be tough. It sounds simple enough: Get together, go to a nice restaurant, maybe see a movie. So then why do we have so much trouble planning a nice, fun date both parties will enjoy?

    Keep it casual:

    Who says date night has to be fancy? Planning a low-key evening out can be just as fun as going to a black-tie event, plus it’ll help keep the mood light and breezy!.

    Do something new:

    If you’ve ever wanted to take a cooking class or have thought about learning to scuba dive, make date night your excuse to jump headfirst into something new. Learning a new skill with your partner can help bring you closer together and builds up intimacy and trust! Instead of falling back on dinner and a movie or just heading out to your normal neighborhood restaurant, try to do something that breaks the mold for both of you.

    Explore your city:

    That new restaurant down the block? Book a table! Have a local performing theater? Get two tickets to an upcoming show! Wherever you live, take advantage of the opportunity to explore your city—and maybe find a new favorite spot or two—together.

    Collect memories to reminisce upon:

    Don’t forget to collect memories! Whether it’s a photo of you both, a little souvenir, or some other memento, having something to look back on can help remind you of those feelings and help inspire you to plan your next date night!

    So many times, we let life go by and do not stop to remember those wonderful times with our significant others. Collecting those memories along the way can help you and your partner tangibly experience your journey together. For couples, keep those butterflies alive! And if you’re just getting started on your relationship, start creating those memories now! You’ll be glad to have them years down the road when you can look back on them and smile.

    Plan a day trip:

    You can each agree to bring something specific, or meet at the grocery store and shop for a spread together.

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