How To Support Your Partner During The Corona Virus Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a lot of pressure and uncertainty. You and your partner are likely affected in some way emotionally so it is important you are supporting your partner but also look after yourself. You and your partner may feel a bit lost in the current environment. If you are looking up for advice on how to be a supportive husband or how to be a supportive wife during such overwhelming times, look no further.

Here are some tips that may help both of you in being supportive during this difficult time and bring you comfort.

    1) How about some grace?:

    Are you dealing with major stressors such as loss of employment, loss of business, or even an unwell family member? Other stressors right now may come for example from time pressures due to having to work from home but also support your partner and look after the kids. This may put pressure on your relationship especially if you put too much pressure and expectations on yourselves as leaders of the household. So, how to be supportive in a time of such anxiety?
    Therefore, to support your partner, and stay sane and happy, lower your expectations during the crisis and be more empathetic for one another. Your ability to let go of your partner’s mistakes will be critical during this difficult time. Letting go can improve your health. Support each other by cutting your partner some slack.
    If you notice that your loved one is upset due to minor issues, it might be due to another bigger problem. If that happens, consider asking, “Are you upset about the current situation?”
    That could help your partner to open up.

    2) Reach out for support:

    If you and your partner regularly go out for coffee, make it a point to schedule online coffee chats. Phone calls or video chats — while not quite the same as a face-to-face setting — can still allow you to connect for support and encouragement.

    3) Try doing some gardening:

    Mental Health Studies show that gardening acts as a positive mental health intervention. Spending time outdoors and surrounding yourself with greenery and flowers has a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing. Spending a couple of hours per week in the backyard during this present period will allow you time out of the house as well as provide time for relation. Further, this may be a great opportunity to do something as a couple.

    Engaging in gardening with your partner will be a reminder that you’re not the center of the universe. Self-absorption during quarantine and lockdown can result in mental health issues. Come out of the house and explore the flower garden. Gardening is also a form of exercise and hence healthy for your mind. Different gardening activities help to increase dopamine levels and lower the number of hormones associated with stress. You’ll also sleep better, which is vital during this period.

    4) Have a routine:

    The certainty of your routine helps cope with uncertainties in life. If you and your partner have a routine during the quarantine period, you’ll have a structure to look to which can provide a sense of security, and that can help to manage the stress associated with the virus outbreak.

    For example, despite what’s happening around you, knowing that you’ll take your meal at 7 pm and go to bed at 9 pm can help you feel in control and encourage you to support your partner.

    4) Spend some time alone:

    Growing up, you liked having some company, whether in school or other social places. Also, one of the main reasons for marriage is companionship. However, spending some time alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.
    Research has shown that solitude can lead to greater empathy, and your partner needs that during this difficult time. To support your partner, talk to your partner about the types of breaks that work for you and schedule them in so there is a clear understanding.

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