How to Make your Marriage Stronger ?

Marriages and long-term relationships are as unique and wonderful as each individual who has ever enjoyed a long-term relationship. However, it’s not always easy to maintain a strong marriage – it requires work, constantly.

But if you can pay attention to maintaining a strong marriage, and you are willing to put in the work then you are going to have a wonderful life and reap the rewards continuously for your efforts.

Here are some ideas on how to make your marriage stronger.

    1) Make maintaining a strong marriage your top priority:

    Make sure you pay attention to your marriage every single day – yes every single day. That way you’ll never drift apart because you don’t allow life to cause you to forget to work on making your marriage stronger every

    2) Never forget why you married in the first place:

    Remind yourself daily why you married your husband or wife, remember why you love their little idiosyncrasies – even if they are driving you crazy right now. Remembering to remember these things, especially when you are loving makes it impossible to drift apart from anybody (especially if both parties are practicing this strategy).

    Be grateful for your love and relationship and hang onto that. Doing so every day will make your marriage stronger every day – even if you didn’t think you could make it any stronger.

    3) Be honest about your concerns:

    It’s no use bottling things up and adding to the tension of this busy time. It is better to discuss your concerns honestly with your partner, as and when they arise. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all the errands and running around, ask your partner for help rather than dropping from exhaustion or exploding with frustration.

    4) Laugh with each other:

    Life is stressful, so it helps if you can find lightness even when you’re in the thick of it. “Typically when a couple has humor, it means they have perspective,” says Morris who recommends couples find laughter in both good and bad times. She says that she has noticed that couples in happy marriages have ease around each other. Whether it’s through little inside jokes, a silly unexpected text, or even just watching your favorite comedy together, connecting with your partner with laughter can increase your bond, she says.

    5) Respect each other’s needs:

    If you’re are in a loving marriage, and your partners, in their attempts to make your marriage stronger has worked on their self-development and has expressed that there are some things that they need. Even if you don’t understand fully ‘why’, give them the space to do what they need (as long as it fits in with your relationship boundaries – discussed later).

    6) Set clear relationship boundaries:

    Discuss what aspects of life are deal-breaker for you, in advance. Agree to a set of boundaries around your ‘deal-breakers’, so that you both understand where the lines are.

    This will make your marriage stronger because you won’t unconsciously walk into a problem, and similarly, each partner won’t use the excuse that they didn’t know that something was a problem (creating personal responsibility). This makes discussing any breaches of the relationship boundaries, and the implications of any breach a little clearer and easier to understand what they need to do for each other. Hint! Ideally, you don’t want to breach the boundaries! Especially if you want to maintain a strong relationship.

    7) Remember to be thankful:

    Thankfulness is an antidote to so many negative emotions. If you make a conscious habit every single day to think of what you are grateful for in your life and especially in your partner, you will notice a lightness in your spirit as you realize how truly blessed you are. This thankfulness needs to be expressed regularly and as you appreciate and affirm each other you will find that your marriage will become stronger this holiday season.

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