How To Keep The Spark Alive In A Relationship?

It’s also important to take note that trying to reignite the spark for each other is not about manipulating each other in any way. It’s more about finding little hacks to deepen your bond and bring you closer together as a couple. When you’re deeply in love, those butterflies can stick around long after the honeymoon period. So here are some effective ways to keep the attraction alive in your relationship, according to experts.

    Communicate Your Needs:

    When difficult issues arise, you must make time so each of you has a chance to talk about your feelings. The type of talking where you will both have a voice and commit to constructively discuss and work through your problems, both as individuals and as a couple.
    It’s important to put all relevant facts and feelings on the table so you can layout a good foundation for communicating. You want your partner to hear and respect your needs, but you can only do this by creating an open dialogue. Communicating your needs is critical and keeps your relationship healthy.

    Don’t Blame Your Partner

    Frustration begins to fester when your physical and emotional needs are not met. Often, instead of working together as a team to discover what lies at the heart of intimacy issues, destructive emotions such as blame and guilt hurt the relationship. It is easier to point the finger at your partner than to question how you contribute to the problem. When you start blaming each other, reclaiming your passion for one another becomes even harder.

    Share your memories:

    Never stop remembering the amazing times you spent together. Let your significant other know how much certain events and time spent with them meant to you by actually telling them. Don’t fall into the trap of just living in the past. You should want to create new memories and not just be stuck in the past.

    Recreate your first date:

    Hopefully you’re doing this for fun, and not because you have amnesia or something.

    One cute way to bring a spark into your relationship is to recreate a time when everything was new and exciting. Unless your first date was an unmitigated disaster, why not recreate it for your significant other? Just don’t try and force it. It’s okay if things don’t go 100% to plan. You want it to be a fun night of reminiscing, not desperate and sad.

    Never stop flirting:

    One of the most exciting parts before the start of a relationship, or toward the beginning, is the flirtation. Just because you become more familiar with one another doesn’t mean that you should let that die. Keep making cute suggestive comments and sending flirty text messages. If you love the person, you should want to keep making him feel special.

    Smile more often:

    So many people say that one of their favorite features in a mate is their smile. So why do so many of us stop doing it once we’re in the middle of a long term relationship? Be mindful that you’re supposed to enjoy each other’s company, and that smiling is a big part of that.

    Invest in your relationship:

    In our busy modern world it can be incredibly easy to stop investing time in your relationship and let it fall into a rut. As with anything, relationships need to be nurtured and encouraged, particularly when they’re long term. Think about it: a relationship that spans years and decades will not stay the same the entire time. A million different things can change during that time, including the people involved. Therefore, it makes sense that time needs to always be taken to keep it healthy, interesting, fun, and loving.

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