How to have a happy marriage life ?

All that dancing and laughter—weddings are a lot of fun, but being married isn’t always a piece of cake. (Sometimes it’s more like the frosting chunk that went up to your nose during the smash—good intentions, but the wrong outcome.) There’s a lot of work that goes into living “happily ever after,” so whether you’ve been married for years or just tied the knot, we asked the experts what couples can do to have a happy marriage. Follow their helpful tips for a stronger, healthier, and yes more blissful bond.

    1) First of all, even happy couples argue:

    No marriage is happy all of the time. “Like all relationships, there are ups and downs,”. But when you do fight, happy marriages listen to each other’s point of view, recognize when the argument is going off the rails, and make the necessary repairs. So if you and your partner sometimes argue, or are going through a rough patch, this does not necessarily mean you are in an unhappy marriage. It probably means you’re normal.

    2) Be independent:

    Independence was rated ‘extremely important’ in a marriage. To be happy in a relationship, we must be happy first. That is, in fact, the key to a successful relationship. With that in mind, wives and husbands must continue to take out time for themselves, enjoy their hobbies, and in general, spend some time apart.

    Not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, but in the time we spend alone, we get to reunite with our spiritual side, re-establish our sense of self, and check-in with the progress of our personal preferences, goals, and achievements. Being dependent, on the other hand, weakens your resolve and ability to move forward as a free thinker.

    3) Be a good listener:

    While all women should work in the art of active listening, we emphasize this as an area of special attention for men. Too often, men do not realize that all their partner needs from them are a listening ear. This is due to their programming and how they are taught to relate to others. Remember that listening and hearing are not the same things. Listening involves our hearts. Open yours, hear what she says, look at her while she speaks, paraphrase even, and reassure. Listening is the real key to a happy marriage, for that matter, to every relationship

    4) Give priority to your spouse:

    Though you don’t need to make your life revolve completely around your partner, you have to remember that when you and your partner decided to get married, you wanted to be a priority in each other’s lives. You should make sure to honor that decision and to make all of your big decisions with your spouse in mind, making sure that you try to do what’s best for you as well as for the person you are married to.

    If your family or friends aren’t getting along with your spouse, don’t take sides against your spouse, even if you think that your spouse is being unreasonable; make sure you’re considerate of your spouse’s feelings and that you give all the love and support they deserve.

    5) Take responsibility:

    It is that easy and one of the secrets of a successful marriage. When you participate in a project, take responsibility for your successes and your failures. When you and your partner have a disagreement or argument, remember to take responsibility for your actions, including anything you did or said, especially if it was hurtful, unthoughtful, or created adversity.

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