How to Choose the Right Profile on

Are you confused about how to make your search perfect on has a huge database of profiles. You can find your perfect match if you know how to optimize your profile correctly.

Here is a stepwise guide on how you should be making your Hindustan Matrimonial profile and how can you optimize it.

  • #1 Create a Hindustan Matrimonial Profile
    To begin your partner search, the basic step you need to take is to create a profile. You can make your profile by:

    • Click on the “Register Free” button on the home page
    • Fill out a simple form to get started
    • Complete all details such as mother tongue, religion, caste, sub-caste, location, height, marital status.
    • Add details about your highest degree, annual income, and occupation along with some details about personality and interests.
    • Tip: You should complete your profile. Add your family details to complete your profile.

    • #2 Add your Profile Photo
      You can upload your multiple profile photographs (up to 20 photos) from your computer or even from your Facebook account.

      For your privacy, Hindustan Matrimonial will watermark your photo and other users will not be able to download the photo by tapping on it or using the “save image as” option on mouse right-click.

      Having a photo on the profile accelerates the matchmaking process and your chances of getting noticed are 8 times more with a photograph.

      You can also personalize your settings by choosing the option that suits you the best.

      Avoid pictures with blurriness, selfies, side poses or pictures that display your wealth.

    • #3 Make Use of Partner Preference Settings
      Your Hindustan Matrimonial profile gives you an option to control and review your partner search. Take enough time to review your partner search carefully. Any wrong partner preference settings can lead you to a wrong path.

      Once you complete your profile, the interface will prompt you to review partner preferences that Hindustan Matrimonial automatically configures for you. At this step, you can change or keep the default settings.

      Additionally, there will be a “Strict Filter On/Off” button that will help you stop people who don’t match the specific criteria from seeing your contact number or email address.

    • #4 Making use of Hindustan Matrimonial Profile Search
      It is quite easy to use the Hindustan Matrimonial profile search. You can work with three options. They are:

      • Search
      • My Saved Searches
      • Search by Profile ID

      With the search option, you can provide the features that you will probably use to search for a profile. The parameters in the search form include age, height, religion, caste, mother tongue, country, income, marital status and the option to filter out profiles that do not have a profile photo.

      You can further refine your search based on education, occupation, location, family, drinking and smoking habits, etc.

    • #5 How can you get the Maximum Out of Your Search?
      If you want to filter out different sets of search results based on different qualifications/criteria, remember to save your search. If you are using the default settings, then you can continue normally.
      You can also make advanced searches by using additional search filters. These filters are Profile added in”, “activity on-site” and allow you to adjust your search settings to further narrow down your search. This improves your chances of getting a match.

    These seven tips are important and essential cases of discussion for the smooth sailing of the marriage. Everyone has to go through them in marriage commitments. When you ready to take up the journey together, plan a meeting, and discuss all the cases honestly, clearing all your take and restraints on the subject. If you agree, dive into the relationship or else wait for someone who matches your mental horizon.

    Hindustan Matrimonial is one of the prominent matrimony sites which brings young and enthusiastic individuals together to start a life with an understanding partner.

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