How to Build Positive Relationships

A positive relationship or positive marriage doesn’t mean you’re happy all of the time, or everything is perfect, or you never feel sadness or anger. It means you and your partner work together to maintain positivity and love each other even when things are rough. Building a positive relationship takes effort, time, and consistency, but you can do it! Any relationship can become a positive one with some work and inculcating healthy habits.

If you’re looking to build positive relationships or wondering “how to have a positive relationship,” read on for some ways to add more positivity in your relationships.

    Show up fully and be present:

    A positive relationship requires you to be present, aware and invested. Put down your phone, stop scrolling, engage with your partner, and pay attention.

    It’s hard to have a healthy, positive relationship if you aren’t present. Social media and other distractions should be secondary to your relationship.

    Consider using “we” instead of “I” or “you”:

    Staying positive in a relationship is a lot more natural when you feel like your relationship is strong and united. Using, we indicate that both you and your partner are a unified front that moves forward together. We are an important term. See if you can swap “I” and “you” for “we”!

    Learn to listen actively:

    Active listening is an essential skill in ALL relationships, whether personal, professional or otherwise. If you want to focus on relationships and maintain them… learn to listen actively.

    Hearing and seeing your partner (or boss, mom, best friend, etc.) can change your relationships for good.

    Seek to truly understand the other person:

    Staying positive in a relationship is a lot easier for both parties when there is a genuine desire to “understand” the other person.

    Even if you never truly comprehend the other person or their emotions and experiences, you can deepen the connection by trying to understand before you seek to be understood.

    Set healthy boundaries:

    Part of learning how to build positive relationships is learning to build healthy boundaries.

    Boundaries might feel scary at first; you may worry about what your partner will think or feel. Ultimately, by setting clear boundaries about what you need or don’t, you will feel more positive about what you’re getting in your relationship.

    This improves the overall health and wellbeing of your relationship and who doesn’t love a healthy relationship!

    Respect a person’s “alone” time and need for space:

    This one is pretty simple. Give your partner time with themselves and their friends and family alone if they desire it. Respecting their privacy and space is an essential factor for the success of your relationship.

    Positive, healthy relationships require trust and letting each partner live their individual life fully so they can come back to the relationship refreshed. Don’t try to control your partner’s time and space.

    Let go of the past

    Shit happens. I know it hurts when your partner does something crappy but, if you’ve chosen to stay with them anyway, then you need to LET IT GO.

    No one made you stay; you decided to. Why stay if you’re only going to keep dredging up the past and damage your relationship. It’s hard to build a positive relationship if you keep tearing it down. Get over it!

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