How to Build Love & Trust in Arranged Marriage

Love and trust is an essential part of a healthy relationship and for a happy married life. Both individuals will take time to show trust and love to each other especially that marriage is fixed by traditional arrange marriage systems or through online matrimony sites. If we said that love and trust will build in the relationship on the first night, it is not true. You can conduct only a relationship with your life partner, but love and trust will take time to grow in relation. Nobody can indicate the exact time of building trust and love in a relationship a arrange marriage.

Good communication and better understanding between the couple can help to grow the factors in married life. If you are looking to increase the trust level in your relationship, try to follow factors with your partner:

    Develop a friendship:

    Develop a friendship with your life partner may be the first factor to grow your relationship. You can do so by presenting flowers, chocolate and also celebrate the small occasion which hints that you would like to befriend first.

    Discuss while your partner is with you:

    Discuss your daily life moments, issues, and other things with your partner when he/she is sitting with you. This can lead to starting a trust. Especially in a arrange marriage, everyone knows what questions to ask a boy in an arranged marriage meeting or also a girl. Both can judge life partner on behalf of that answer. That question is not the only enough thing to know each one, so the discussion is also important to grow love and trust between them.

    Break the ice:

    It means you are going to start your life with that person whose don’t know you in a well way, so take a step ahead with discussion, likes/dislikes, hobbies, carrier goal, interest and also share felling with them. You can also share memories, photo galleries and also introduce them with your relatives and friends so that they feel comfortable. This helps to break the ice of awkwardness and nervousness around your partner.

    Give Independence to Each other:

    In a arrange marriage, your spouse needs to compromise many things. Give each other independence to pursue their own hobbies and another thing which he/she is liked most.

    Understand and respect their love:

    He/she can be your good life partner as well as a friend if you understand and respect their love. Love is not meant to lust. If your partner presents or said something to you after a few days of arranged marriage, it means they understand you & your feelings and move one step forward towards you and your life, so respect the presence.

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