How to Build a Healthy Relationship?

Is there any single trick to have a long-lasting loving relationship? Well, surely, there is no actual scientific guideline of any sort to know the secret of a good relationship or causes of a bad relationship. However, with the help of tons of data analytics on the subject matter of love, and relationship, socialists and relationship counselors have devised some guidelines to know how to build a healthy relationship. For sure, building a good relationship needs time, patience, and care; so one should not expect results overnight. You need to compromise, commit, trust, forgive, and forget. No relationship can strengthen if both partners are not putting in their utmost effort. By saying that, let’s skim through this amazingly informative article which will let you know all about love and how to deepen it with time. Let’s get started.
Different Styles of Expressing Love
Being in love is an incredible feeling and there is no other feeling like that. Everyone around the globe surely experiences this beautiful feeling at least once in their life. Love is one mutual thing that unites us all. However, sociologists have categorized different styles of love. Keep in mind that these styles may differ from one another, but the intensity of loving someone remains the same in every case. So, what are these styles? The following are six different styles of love as described by a sociologist from a California State University, Terry Hatkoff. According to his point of view, there are following five different styles of love that exist in any close relationship.

    1.Playful: The playful style of loving someone is the one in which you feel exhilarated and joyful through flirtation or being playfully challenged by your partner. This reflects a beautiful mixture of close friendship and a trustful and deep relationship. Playful love keeps you connected through trifle fun things. Well, if you know the relationship between “Jim and Pam” from “The Office”, then you can certainly understand what playful style of love is.

    2.Best Friends: Friendship goes deeper with understanding and communication, which are also important to strengthen any relationship. Those couples who are best friends of each other can relate to the depth and intensity of love a close friendship bring in within a relationship. In this type of love, lovers focus on the deep affection and care they have for each other.

    3.Romantic: This style of love is purely based on sexual attraction and passion for being together with your lover. Physical intimacy holds exceptional importance in a relationship. Just an intimate hug or a deep kiss can turn your mood upside down, and if it is given by your lover with all the heart and passion then intensify the relationship to newer depths. If you wish to be around your partner all the time and take pleasure with it then you two are experiencing a romantic style of love.

    4.Logical: Well, people fall in logical love when they meet a person with whom they share financial goals, plans, religious beliefs, or moral values, etc. This love starts on mutual understanding and after going through a thorough thought processing from both parties. And with time, these mutual gains become the foundation for the prevalence of their love and passion for each other.

    5.Selfless: Selfless or unselfish style of love nurture on kind-heartedness, sacrifice, and benevolence. These soft gestures introduce to souls with the beautifully fragrant feeling of love, romance, and togetherness. Selfless love shows a soft, endearing, and calm side of love in a most romantic, and charming manner.

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