How to Be a Better Partner ?

So many people dream of a great married life. Let’s say; astounding chemistry, crazy love, and life with the type of life partner they’ve always dreamt about. Beautiful!

It’s a beautiful thing to feel that way. It’s super sweet to anticipate those soul-awing things. But how many people prepare for love? Or is it enough to expect all that from the other person and count oneself out?

Well, that doesn’t sound balanced. That may be very biased and can lead to several related issues in the long run.
Preparation for a great married life is something one should begin way before they even start to have feelings for someone. And in the following paragraphs, you’re going to be learning several ways to be a better partner and learn what’s required to make you do great as someone’s future partner.

    Listen Actively:

    Next time your partner starts to vent about his arrogant boss, don’t say, “I know what you mean,” and automatically go on a rampage about all the petty requests from your manager. Instead, give him your undivided attention. Don’t rattle off a list of solutions either. Sometimes a sincere “uh-huh” is all he needs to hear.

    Respect the In-Laws:

    You might want to harp on your in-laws’ annoying habits, but that’s not going to make your life any easier. When you got married, you pretty much agreed to see your partner’s family on a fairly regular basis. So, if your mother-in-law constantly offers cooking tips, don’t look at it as a snarky insult, but as an opportunity to improve your casserole. Keep in mind: These are the people who made your husband into the man you chose to marry—they do some things right, after all. Treat your in-laws as you’d like to be treated.

    Be Nice:

    Whether you’ve been married for a year or 10, your partner wants to be appreciated. Make sure to always say “please” and “thank you,” especially for those mundane tasks like getting the mail or picking up takeout. A compliment, no matter how small, is always sweet.

    Apologize, Sincerely:

    Fights and fits are going to happen—know when to admit that you’re wrong. No one is right all the time, so owning up to your mistakes implies respect for your partner. It’s a sure way to move on, instead of returning to the same argument over and over again.

    Begin with the little things:

    As a potential awesome husband/ wife, you must learn to fragment your “partner goals” into little pieces of personality and work activities. Keeping a massive goal before you can be overwhelming. So, why not break it down into achievable goals. All those fractional goals sum up to make you that badass partner on your mind. You’d need to set financial, relationship, fitness, hygiene, and other character goals. Like the guy that’s given to hot temper, you can say, “I will not yell at people for the next month.” Or, like the lady with a protruding belly that’s not from pregnancy, you can say, “I will hit the gym, lose these fats, and become super sexy.”

    Everybody has different things they want to achieve that could be great pluses in their future marriage. It’s good to sit down, ponder them deeply, and set appropriate small goals. They could be on finance, personal hygiene, character, etc. Remember that the little things in relationships constitute the big picture and that success in them will equal success as an excellent partner.

    Have His Back:

    Bashing your baby is a faux pas on so many levels. Even if you joke about his love handles on the couch, poking fun in public is a bit like betrayal. And don’t let anyone talk smack about the hubs. He’ll be happy to know that if he falls, you’ll be right there to catch him, not cut the rope.

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