How to avoid NRI matrimonial fraud

So, to deal with these issues, one should keep a few things in mind as a precaution to avoid these problems:

    1) Verify these facts about the Groom before going for marriage:

    Parents should verify various documents of the groom before entertaining marriage. It is helpful to an extent to decrease the chances of fraud. These are few documents which one should verify and if possible then keep a photocopy that document.

    • Visa, Passport
    • Voter, alien registration card
    • Social Security No.
    • Tax returns of last 3
    • Bank Account No., statements
    • License No.
    • Property Documents
    • Marital Status
    • Employment details (qualification, post, salary, address of the Office, employers and their credentials)
    • Immigration Status(type of Visa, eligibility to take the spouse to the other country)
    • Criminal antecedents
    • Family background


    2) What precautions parents should take to decrease the chances of fraud NRI marriages and keep their daughters safe in a foreign land?

    • Always go for registered marriage along with religious marriage and keep adequate proof like photography, video recordings.
    • Avoid hastily and secret wedding. Invite people in marriage so that more and more should know about it, later it also works as proof.
    • Never agree for a place in the foreign country to perform marriage as may be laws related to marriages and desertion are not favorable. In many cases, the legal decree of Indian courts is not binding in many countries.
    • Parents should make themselves primarily aware of foreign country laws and the rights that one can enjoy mainly related to abuse or domestic violence.
    • Open a bank account exclusively in the bride’s name of foreign residence which can be used in case of emergency.
    • Ensure that photocopies/scanned copies of important documents like marriage certificate, Visa, Passport, are kept handy.


    3) Always be ready with a safety plan in case of need:

    • Keep the certificate/photocopy of the marriage all the time with you.
    • Try to arrange for a bank account for the bride in the foreign country to enable her to withdraw money in case of an emergency.
    • Keep contact details, email ids of Police, State authority, helpline, Indian Embassy at the foreign land, Indian welfare officers, social support groups and try to memorize a few important no’s.
    • Should have basic knowledge of the laws of the foreign country and the rights which one enjoys there and also protections provided to the victim of domestic violence or abuse.
    • Try to be equipped with professional/vocational qualifications and skills to be economically independent.
    • Always keep in touch with relatives and friends regularly and keep them updated about yourself.
    • In any situation don’t give your passport or visa to any unauthorized person.

    Several ministries like external affairs, law, overseas Indian affairs, WCD — and the NCW have raised the problem at various forums over the years. In 2008, a meeting of the ministries concerned, NCW and National Human Rights Commission decided that NCW would be the coordinating agency to process complaints of Indian women deserted by their Indian husbands abroad; the NCW has since 2009 been taking up victims’ cases with missions abroad. The counseling and legal services could be provided through credible Indian Women’s Organizations/Indian Community Associations and NGOs identified for providing such services and impaneled with the Indian Missions in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Gulf.

    There’s a scheme of NCW for giving legal /financial assistance to Indian women deserted by their overseas Indian spouses. The primary objective of this scheme is to provide legal financial assistance to those women who are in need and have been deserted by their NRI/overseas Indian spouses. The assistance provided is limited to the US $1500 per case and is released to the Indian community organizations/NGO concerned to enable it to take steps to assist the woman in documentation and preparatory work for filing the case against the deserted spouse. The women’s organization/NGO will deal with issues like making efforts to enlist community advocates, preferably women advocates, to extend further legal assistance/ appearance in court, etc on a pro-bono basis.

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