How Overcome Insecurities in a Relationship

Insecurities in a relationship are often experienced by people who are not aware of their value as a person, as a lover, and as a life companion. However, some things and practices can help anyone suffering from this negative wave of emotion through following and believing in different ways to overcome uncertainties, especially in romantic relationships.

So what are the steps that you should take to feel more secure in your relationship? Here they are.

    Stop comparing yourself to other people:

    Especially with your significant other’s former lovers. It’s one of the causes of fights among couples and although it can be normal and sometimes reasonable, others always find a way to make it an issue even if the triggers are nowhere in sight.

    Insecurity and jealousy is a lethal combination and how couples solve the issues that come with this combo can either make or break the relationship.

    Start appreciating your own uniqueness:

    You’re different and you’re not like anyone else. Remember that. The best way to overcome this self-hate is to realize that there are people who truly appreciate your mere existence. Secondly and more importantly, you have someone by your side who loves you just as you are.

    Don’t be scared to ask the right questions:

    One of the roots of insecurity has something to do with the truth, the answers that we are too afraid to hear from the questions that we won’t even dare to ask – because of lack of confidence and low self-esteem.
    Sometimes, the need to know the truth about the things that define us as a person and as a lover can cause uncertainty, anxiety, and often lead to overthinking.

    Build your confidence:

    Believe in yourself and let confidence scare those insecurities away. How? There are different ways to be confident and proud of who and what you are. All you have to do is to have the willingness to open your eyes.

    Trust people more:

    Stop building those walls thinking that it would protect you from the cruelty of the outside world. Instead, open more doors, open more windows so that the light of others can brighten up your life.

    Find out what’s bothering you:

    We have mentioned several root causes of insecurity especially for people in a relationship. However, most of the more specific reasons why a person may feel insecure depend on a variety of factors.

    Find out what’s bothering you. Find out the triggers, the things, and events that can cause you to feel these negativities. In other words, know yourself better, especially the bad parts.

    Value the people around you:

    Speaking of having your loved ones and friends around to help you rediscover the good things about yourself, you must remember to do the same for them. Value them by showing how you care and why they matter to you.

    People who give love and who are loved in return never fall victim to the damning gloom of insecurity. They know what they’re worth and even if they don’t feel their best, they trust that the ones they love will be there to make them remember how special they are.

    Love yourself:

    Last but not least, always love yourself. Even if you are in a romantic relationship where you are expected to give love, never forget to leave some for yourself.

    Remember to never let the good things pass you by just because you have failed to appreciate your worth. The feeling of insecurities and the negativities that come with it are common relationship killers. Do something before it’s too late.

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