How Do Relationships Changes After Marriage

Some people will say that tying the knot doesn’t change a relationship, but because it bonds two people together forever some fundamental things will inevitably shift for a duo. For better or worse, here are some of the ways marriage alters the world of newlyweds.

    Others look at you differently:

    Though people won’t say they’ll view you differently after you’re married, they will, and they do. All of sudden it feels like everyone has a vested interest in your relationship and your life together. Some newlyweds even say they feel like their bosses assume they’re more responsible because they’ve tied the knot.

    You fight differently:

    When dating, partners may sweat the small stuff, like who to hang out with and what to do on the weekend. Once you’re married, though, you know you have plenty of time to catch up with friends or tackle a task. Arguments become about larger more complex issues that will affect your life together, like saving for retirement or where to live.

    Time flies by:

    Think about when you first start dating someone – you end up being infatuated with them. You’re probably young and figuring yourself out, too. All of the ups and downs you go through and the amount of time you spend getting to know your new lover can feel like an eternity. Time almost stands still. Not so when you’re married. Once you’ve sealed the deal and are together forever, life seems to blow-by. That could be because new obligations find you (like buying a house or raising children) or it could be that you never feel like you have enough time to spend with your partner.

    You do more:

    When you’re single your schedule is your schedule. When you’re married, you have two people’s schedules to accommodate. There are also minor tasks of keeping up your house and paying bills. On the post-wedding day, it will feel as though responsibilities are piling on your plate, as are get-togethers and party invites from various guests. The key is to roll with it. Juggling so many hats can be fun!

    You look at everyone differently:

    Never before will spending a night on the couch seem so lovely as it does once you’re married. That’s not to say you won’t want to go out and party with friends, it’s just that there’s a new level of security and comfort that goes along with coupling permanently.

    How you work together:

    Once you’re married you’re officially a team, which means you tend to have each other’s backs more than you used to. Everything you do is to the benefit of the other. You end up being more supportive of each person’s individual endeavors and goals.

    Savings are superior:

    Though not always true, how you spend money will change after you get married. Instead of dropping your latest paycheque on something that matters just to you, you’ll end up asking yourself whether the money could be better spent on something to enjoy with your partner (like a trip abroad or a house in the city). Savings almost always trump spending.

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