Happy Marriage Tips for a Successful Marriage

Having a relationship that is fun & stands the test of time is SO obtainable. Take a look at some Happy Relationship and happy Marriage Tips and pick the top ones that may be missing in your relationship. Put these tips into action every day. Focus on them. Act on them. Enjoy!

    Be honest with each other…but not TOO honest!:

    Many of those I’ve helped in the past once thought that making their partner happy was the best plan to maintain a happy marriage or relationship. Not true!

    Sure, it’s essential to always *want* to make your partner happy, but eventually, if you feel you are the one giving too much of yourself in the relationship and ignoring your own wishes, resentment and frustration will build. It’s easy to agree with everything your partner says when you start dating but trust me to come back to haunt you.

    Stay in Touch:

    While staying in touch by phone, text, Messenger, or smoke signal. However, communicating through the day is essential. Staying “in touch” is one of the important happy marriage tips that enable you to show love and affection while demonstrating your connection. Granted, some people aren’t touchy-feely type people. They show love differently. But even so, even those averse to public displays of affection should not forget the importance of touch. They can give good feels throughout the day

    Forced change is never permanent:

    Let change happen naturally. Men and women alike may make some changes if each realizes it will make their partner happier, but it’s always one of the best (and often longer-lasting) happy marriage tips if it’s rooted in a personal choice rather than constant nagging.

    How you fight is more important than what you fight over:

    The first three minutes of an argument will give a good indication of how healthy your marriage is. Couples who have fights that immediately descend into aggressiveness, name-calling, or personal criticisms are more likely to see their relationships spiral out of control than couples who learn to fight neutrally and with respect.

    The little things still mean EVERYTHING:

    There are many ways to show a husband or wife that they are essential to you or that they are on your mind. It could be by texting or emailing them during the day when both of you are at work.

    This will show immense love if your spouse is having a tedious day or week, or has an important meeting in line. Leave a little note of love in the bathroom mirror or in their car before they leave for work and it will be a nice surprise.

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