First meeting with your match

Maybe you meet in a coffee shop or at a bowling alley. Someplace where there will be plenty of other people around.

Physically, this gives you the security of lots of eyes on the situation, even just passively, in case anything starts to take a turn for the worse. It also gives you an easy out if the date or person doesn’t quite go how you’d like it to.

Emotionally, this protects you from your emotions compounding on themselves due to proximity and isolation. You’re able to think through things much more clearly when the pressure’s off!

A good first date will be low-key to give each of you the space to process well while getting to know each other.

This is how my first date with my husband started– in a coffee shop. Beyond that, though, we didn’t have any plans and ended up driving around in his car for hours and talking.

It turned out just fine but each of us could’ve been putting ourselves in unnecessary danger. Not to mention that our emotions did run higher because of our relative isolation.

On my drive home I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”

We should have stayed at the coffee shop or planned another aspect of our first date.

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