7 Most Important Facts Before Getting Married!!

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Marriage is between two individuals coming straight from different families. There is a great diversity in their upbringing, vision, culture, traditions, beliefs, habits, etc. whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

Nowadays, the groom and the bride are well-educated and independent in their thought and behavior. The two individuals have to stay together 24*7, hence they should be aware of their likes and dislikes, their expectations from their partners and what they can accept and what they can’t accept.

Before getting married, both the groom and the bride has the option to accept or reject, without losing anything.

  • 1) Personal Habits
    Discuss your habits, which you feel can be annoying for the other, such as snoring, boozing, gambling, smoking, etc. There are certain habits in which one is ready to give up if not liked by the other partner but there are a few that you are addicted to and are not in your control or don’t want to give up. Some people have an aversion for boozing and smoking and they cannot adjust in the circumstances. Both partners should know closely about each other before getting into the relationship.
  • 2) Children & Their Responsibility
    People take children as a package included in the marriage matrimonial package and they don’t feel the need to discuss. But in today’s scenario, when both partners are working, there are instances where either the bride or the groom is not ready for family way and they don’t want to take the responsibility of bearing children. The newbies ready to enter into commitments should discuss their take on the subject and how they will manage in the event when both are working or one of them is working.
  • 3) Financial Conditions
    There are various conflicts among the partners over financial matters and often, their relationships are strained because of indifference on financial matters. Both partners should talk about their concept of finances, their spending limit, and saving habits. If both are working, how would they like to manage their finances, individually or jointly, and if one of the partners is working, then how it will be managed. Do notify your partner if any loan is currently running and how it will be managed in the future. Talk openly discussing all financial problems.
  • 4) Responsibility of Parents
    Today, both the boy and the girl are responsible to take care of their parents, especially in old age. This is an important phase of discussion and it should be honestly reviewed so that untoward issues don’t crop up and old and ailing parents are left in a lurch. Even the financial assistance provided to parents should be discussed.
  • 5) Career Options
    In today’s scenario, both partners are well educated and raised with a motive in mind to carve a niche for oneself in the professional province. Career options and choices should be discussed. There are girls, who want to take a break in a career after marriage and kids and there is a group, who don’t want to give up under any circumstances. This aspect should be discussed honestly with all the pros and cons and circumstances expected in life.
  • 6) Opinions & Culture
    Two people are coming from completely different families, so there will be a diversity in their opinions and culture. Both partners should discuss their take on the subject and appraise each other their view, whether they are staunch in following or liberal in view. Are they ready to accept each other’s opinions and cultures or unwilling to drop or accept?
  • 7) Delegation of Domestic Duties
    Today, in the event of a nuclear family, a single partner cannot take the entire responsibility of the domestic duties. It should be practically discussed and both the partners should be willing to take up the joint responsibility of all the domestic duties or they can delegate duties accordingly their choice and time availability.

These seven tips are important and essential cases of discussion for the smooth sailing of the marriage. Everyone has to go through them in marriage commitments. When you ready to take up the journey together, plan a meeting, and discuss all the cases honestly, clearing all your take and restraints on the subject. If you agree, dive into the relationship or else wait for someone who matches your mental horizon.

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