5 Vital Things to Know Before You Get Married.

It doesn’t matter the grand wedding you had, the gifts you received, or the kinds of guests that attended your wedding. It takes more than just a celebration to sustain a marriage union. Before you get married, you must understand the commitment that you are making to your partner.
What are your expectations of your partner? Do you want to have kids? These are some things to consider before getting married.

So if you are indeed concerned about what to expect after getting married, this article outlines five vital things to know before you get married and things couples should talk about before marriage.

    1) Understand each other’s values:

    Long before making that commitment to spend the rest of your lives together, it’s important to communicate and discuss your values and beliefs, such as religion, family dynamics and rituals, and politics. “You may not always agree, but you need to respect each other’s viewpoints and ensure that they’re not a deal-breaker before walking down the aisle. If you do find yourselves on opposite ends of the spectrum in one area, know that it can still work, but it might take some extra effort and pre-planning in your relationship to decide how to handle conflict before it happens.

    2) Friendship is vital:

    The secret to a long-lasting partnership is being friends before you become husband and wife. Many couples enter a marriage relationship with people they either don’t know or aren’t comfortable sharing their deepest secrets.
    Well, we’re not saying that those impromptu marriages we see every day don’t work. We’re simply advocating for understanding each other’s feelings, personalities, behaviors, and backgrounds before getting married.

    Play games and have fun with each other. Build a boat for treasure with the love of your life in your favorite spin slot. Your favorite games and hobbies will help you bond and begin your journey of friendship. Don’t keep secrets from one another. Make sure you’re comfortable sharing the fetish information. Healthy communication will help you lay down a foundation of honesty that will hold your marriage till the end.

    3) Talk about money:

    You and your significant other should agree on fundamental topics like finances—even though they’re not always fun or easy to discuss. Talk about how you’ll share/divide living expenses, how you plan to live, and whether you both expect to work till retirement.

    4) Your spouse is not going to complete you:

    You need to focus on you — not in a selfish way, not in a way that disregards your partner, but in a way where you understand taking care of yourself is going to help you bring your best self to your relationship, couples need to be able to have a balance of separateness and togetherness.

    5) Meet each others’ favorite people:

    Whether it’s their inner circle of friends or an entire extension of the family, getting to know the most important people in each others’ lives gives you insight into who the other is as a person. If time and geography permit, spend time together and get to know your sweetie’s loved ones. Building strong relationships with your significant other’s close family and friends will also deepen the bond between the two of you. If your families come from opposite sides of the country (or even the world), start having conversations now about how you’ll spend time with each of them once you’re married, especially when it comes to holidays.

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