5 Relationship Rules That Will Make Your Relationship Better And Stronger

Anyone who has been in a long term relationship will know relationships aren’t easy. They can be challenging. But I think the reason why so many of us struggle to be in relationships and make them work, is because we have no idea what we’re doing! Some of us learn from our mistakes, while others continue to repeat them over and over again, often unaware we’re even making them.

So how do you make a relationship work? Here are 5 relationship rules that will undoubtedly make your relationship stronger.

    The Basic List of Relationship Rules:
    Never, ever, go to bed angry:

    I know this depends on what the other person has done, and there are certain things that you won’t be able to forgive so quickly, or at all. But when it comes to the small things, it’s best just to practice forgiveness, say you’re sorry, and go to bed in a good place.

    Anyone who has gone to bed with their partner still angry or hurt knows how awful that is. So don’t do it. Most things aren’t worth that much friction.

    Don’t stop dating each other:

    You should never stop dating your partner because this keeps the spark alive. It gives you quality time together to reconnect, communicate, and remember why you’re with each other. Learn to enjoy each other’s company, smile, and laugh together. Switch your phones off. Leave anything stressful for another time

    Don’t say anything in the heat of the moment you will regret:

    It doesn’t matter if you’re angry or upset or in the middle of an argument. Because even if you apologize later, you can’t ever take it back or erase it from their memory. And if you’ve done it once, you’re bound to do it again and again.

    Relationships are built on love and respect. And speaking that way to each other is not loving or respectful. Just don’t do it. Both of you deserve better.

    Communicate openly and honestly:

    Men and women tend to have different styles of communication. But no matter what your style is, you must communicate, and often.

    And if one or both of you aren’t effective communicators, then make time to work on that together. The first step is acknowledging that you have an issue so that you can start addressing it.

    So take the time to understand each other, so that you can communicate effectively. Keep talking to each other openly and honestly, about anything and everything. No matter how busy life gets, take ten minutes each day just to check in and catch up.

    Give each other a healthy amount of space:

    Human beings aren’t designed to live their entire lives alone. But we also aren’t designed to live every minute of our lives in the company of someone else.

    We all need alone time and our own space. Just to breathe, decompress, and chill out. To enjoy our hobbies, see our friends, and work on our own goals.

    The best relationships are the ones where both people make time for each other, but time for themselves too. You should both be whole on your own.

    Building these relationship rules into your everyday way of being together can help you strengthen and grow a beautiful and lasting love.

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